Prior to the global coronavirus pandemic, Gathering Ground Theatre was collaborating with Tenants Speak Up! Theatre on a new show: A Tale of Two Citizens: A People's Struggle with Housing. Since March 2020, the ensemble has continued to stay in communication and collaboration virtually. Our work has shifted to focus on collecting and sharing stories about the impact of COVID19 on our neighborhoods, our communities, and our lives.

We asked: How can we build and experience intimacy at a distance? What new ways can we be together without being in physical contact? What has been your experience during this time?


This is the first of a series of micro-podcasts that I'll be doing for a virtual theater project. The final form of that project has yet to take shape.

For most of these, I'll be using music provided under a YouTube Creative Commons collection. The link to the first such music piece is below.

Creepy Piano Music - Free Background Music - Mediacharger

"I came up with an amazing idea which involves the development of an Airbnb for homeless people. Basically its a program people can volunteer for help sponsor a houseless person. The home provider gets awarded a share or stock of the company for their services.  People who want to get on their feet fast, we will have a program for that. People who want to take baby steps to a life change will. We could house millions on a national and global scale, and can allow many to get the help they need." - Zaevy zae

Interview with Sharae
Interview with Steve-O
Music by Zaevey Zae

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